Red Panda Frens





Who Are We?

We are four childhood friends and young professionals who are passionate about living life outside the box of societal norms and we want to grow a community of driven, hungry, and passionate deviants like ourselves to not only join us as we create a collection on the Ethereum blockchain but also to join together in creating one of the strongest and most wicked communities on the blockchain. We welcome you to the DVNT Dynasty!

OUR Project

As Deviants, we strive to use the online public domain to benefit and address real world events. Our first project consists of a collection of 8,888 unique Red Panda Frens on the Ethereum blockchain in partnership with RedPanda Earth and collaboration with The Red Panda Network. To raise awareness, promote conservation, research, and monitoring of the Red Panda species. In addition to education and public outreach to preserve the longevity of the species.


1. Deviant Dynasty

Stage one is to build the strongest community through discord on Ethereum. A community is the heart of anything legendary and we want to create a community that is impactful on a global scale. Join us on Discord as we grow into the strongest dynasty on the Ethereum blockchain.

2. RedPanda Earth Partnership

DVNTLabz will partner with RedPanda Earth and invest 10% of the profits made from minting into the $REDPAN token paid out every 10% minted from the total collection until we sell out. This token will become the official token of the community that will be given away/airdropped to holders who own a Red Panda Frens NFT.
RedPanda Earth also has an NFT collection of its own (Red Panda Pals). Holders who own both a DVNTLabz “Red Panda Frens” and a RedPanda Earth “Red Panda Pals”
will have an actual Red Panda adopted/sponsored from Red Panda Network on their behalf.

3. Red Panda Network Donation

In collaboration with the Red Panda Network, a percentage of profits will be sent on behalf of the community once 50% of the supply has been minted. Once 100% of the
supply is minted an additional donation will be sent on behalf of the community.

4.Custom DVNT Merchandise

What better way to stand out and represent the dynasty than custom DVNT merchandise to express your passion for the community. Our collections will represent the deviant mindset.

5. Community Governance and Metaverse Integration

We would like to integrate a form of community governance or DAO that will utilize your red panda deviants to vote so that you the community have a voice in the future of the project.

As times rapidly change we understand the possibility to establish some sort of community in the Metaverse. NFT holders will aid in voicing their opinion as the project
progresses forward.

6. Game Integration

We want holders to be able to experience their Red Panda Frens on multiple platforms. During this stage, a game will begin development to be integrated for our holders as a
token of our appreciation.

7. Royalty Policy

Royalties from OpenSea are set to 6% and we want to dedicate part of this to be given back to Holders in the community, as well as another portion dedicated to additional Red Panda Network donations/adoptions, and lastly 2% dedicated to our founders.

8. Roadmap V2 and Environmentalism/Charity

We want to be a beacon on Ethereum of how a community can enact great support and change in this world we call home. Future partnerships and charity work with a community of driven and passionate Deviants like ourselves is at the core of our mission. We cannot wait to see what the future holds, the sky's the limit!

The Team


Management Expert

Big Z

Marketing Manager


Creative Director


LEAD Developer


Red Panda Frens are a randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, or “NFT '' collection made by DVNTLabz. There are 8,888 different Frens each one being completely unique. No two are the same. This collection is minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes! Whitelist will be rewarded to members of the community via our Discord. Please see Discord announcements for more details.

The minting price is 0.08 ETH. We plan on launching on National Endangered Species Day on May 20th 2022.

You can purchase your unique Red Panda from our collection on OpenSea marketplace or minting them through our website on release by connecting your wallet

Our artwork base and trait design was initiated, directed, and led by our very own founder and Creative Director Koni!

DVNTLabz is here to revolutionize the NFT space with the support of our partners to truly make a real world impact and advocate for enivronmentalism. Future partnerships and charity work with a community of driven and passionate Deviants like ourselves is at the core of our mission.

The term Blue Chip typically refers to stocks in companies that are a reliable investment. The ‘chip’ sentiment has now been adopted into the NFT community particularly Blue Chip when referring to profit-oriented projects. The term Green Chip refers to projects dealing with environmentally friendly industries or that operate in a socially responsible manner, "green" represents eco-investing, more broadly socially responsible investing. The aim of #GreenChipNFT is to create our own path and connect with projects that share that same values in creating avenues of change.